Why Forming a New Company in Malta

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Malta is an attractive destination for those foreign investors who want to relocate their businesses to this tiny island. Relocating your business to Malta comes with many advantages, such as lucrative investment opportunities, taxation rewards, and a distinctive lifestyle. Other advantages comprise a stable economic ecosystem and unique fiscal and social benefits. 

Malta has an unbeatable economic climate and excellent services industries. Its financial services sector has emerged as an innovative, facilitating, and strong corporate sector. This element has added significant value to the overall process of conducting business operations in Malta. Similarly, a highly motivated and trained workforce and low-cost labor make this European destination an ideal destination for businesses.  Maltese legal and taxation framework is one of the most notable benefits for both the local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Malta has a full-imputation system of Maltese tax and a double taxation agreements network. Its refundable tax credit scheme also works as a bonus for every entrepreneur and business.

Companies set up in Malta need to pay tax on a global basis at a standard corporate tax rate of 35 percent. However, this tax is refundable upon the distribution of the shareholder at a company level. 

The full-imputation taxation system does not charge further taxes at the shareholder level after the company pays tax. The shareholders receive full credit for paid tax through the company’s distribution of the profit. 

Although Malta is not a big island, it has high standards of infrastructure that ideally serves anyone willing to set up a business in Malta. The aspects discussed above are enough to convince any sensible business owner to consider relocating their business to Malta and enjoy a new world of corporate rewards. You can either do it yourself or hire experienced corporate services at https://papilioservices.com/.

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